Self Assessment of the Students and raising the level of inherent capability to make the students comfortable and bring forth their inherent capabilities, mentoring and guidance must be given to the students in the beginning through various measures

Bholabhai Patel College of Computer Studies runs a Student Mentoring Cell, Where each and every student is provided a mentor ,which is guided by a Chief Mentor.

The Major Tasks Performed by Every Mentor are:

  1. Academic Counseling.
  2. Informational Services for Students and Parents.
  3. Consult to parents of Assigned Students.
  4. Contribute to the continual promotion of an educational climate in which students can grow intellectually and emotionally.
  5. Disseminate information concerning such topics at a course work completion,attendance policy,Leave Policy, Submission etc.
  6. Communicate with parents via telephone,mail,email,newsletters,websites,publications and meetings as and when required.
  7. Oversee grading process by reviewing Report.
  8. Maintain and update Records.
  9. Initiate Parent contact when appropriate.