The Classroom

The Institute provides 20 classrooms with capacity of 70 students in each class. The classrooms are spacious and airy.

The Laboratory

The Institute is equipped with 4  Laboratories, each with 70 Computers. Each Computer is High configured with minimum i5 processor, 4 GB RAM, and 500 GB Storage capacity. All the computers are network based on CAT6 and Star Topology. The Institute has Xeon server with 8 GB RAM and 2 TB storage capacity. We support Open Source Software but Institute also possesses MSDN for students reference. It provides the students with necessary concept of knowledge and training required to make optimum use of latest hardware and software.

The Library

Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. Libraries allow students to ask questions about the world and find the answers. And the wonderful thing is that once a student learns to use a library, the doors of learning are always open.

The Institute has a sprawling library which measures 341 square meters; it has rich collection of Books, Journals, Periodicals and CDROs, on management and computer science. Library also provides book set to the student-group for a year with deposit.

Total Number of Books:29832
Book Titles: 10550
References Books: 5062
Journals, Periodicals and Magazines: 139
Back volume of Journals: 2675
Online Journals: 312
Seating Capacity: 100
CD Collection for books and magazines: 5127
DVD Collection: 619
Thesis/Reports: 351
Newspaper: 11

E-Content Laboratory

Institute has an achievement in new era of modern teaching learning technique called E-Learning Studio funded by GUJCOST in 2013.
Objectives of E-Learning Studio:
1. To motivate students for self-learning.
2. It provides global platform for our Faculties.
3. Our students can learn and get knowledge at anywhere anytime.
4. To Promote M-Learning (Mobile Based Learning) in new teaching learning tools and technology.
5. To prepare E-contents in YouTube channel as well as institution teaching – learning education portal named
6. To prepare motivation, group discussion, mock interview level e-contents that will be more helpful for student’s co-curricular activities.
Project Approved: 13/2/13
Project Fund: 7.25 lacks
Project By:
Dr. Ashish Jani (Principal Investigator)
Dr. Abhijeetsinh Jadeja (Co Investigator)

Project Completed: 12/8/2015