Fresher’s Party:

  • To make every new comer feel an integral part of B.P.C.C.S family
  • To welcome new comers in a friendly atmosphere
  • To create friendly and familiar environment between new comers and their seniors
  • To prepare the students to take on challenges for the upcoming year

Teacher’s Day:

  • To set an environment for students & teachers to understand each others role in life
  • To let students get more familiar with system and teaching-leaning process
  • To raise student’s leadership ability
  • To enhance their confidence
  • To provide students a stage to show cast their knowledge

Parents Meet:

  • To let parents familiar with college environment
  • To acknowledge parents about curriculum and co-curriculum activities
  • To report students progress to their parents
  • To idea the parents about their child’s career
  • To create familiar environment between faculties and parents

Days Celebration:

  • To celebrate different cultures all over the globe
  • To teach students professionalism
  • To enhance students creativity and ideology
  • To show cast students talent and management skills
  • To aware students about various innovations, technology and problems

Youth Festivals:

  • To celebrate the Indian culture and youth power
  • To enhance the capability of students in various curricular and co-curricular activities
  • To provide best possible stage to students to show their talent
  • To set a familiar environment for students to interact with students from various colleges and school
  • To give them futuristic vision about their talent and knowledge


  • To increase the technical knowledge of students
  • To let students get knowledge about new technologies and inventions
  • To project students researches, innovations and working model
  • To make them familiar with professional world


  • To provide glorious stage to students to show their talent
  • To let students learn management and communication skills
  • To raise their leadership quality
  • To give students competitive environment through various colleges and schools

BGY & Arts sphere :

  • To enhance students literal abilities
  • To welcome different innovations and verbal creativity of students
  • To let students know the power of word

Blood Donation:

  • To help needy people with the greatest donation
  • To contribute society in health sector
  • To aware youth about their role in society

Guru Purnima Celebration :

  • To dedicate the day to faculties
  • To celebrate the importance of a teacher in life

Sports Week :

  • To acknowledge the students about the importance of good physic
  • To let them learn team work and leadership quality
  • To provide them an environment for their interest and ability in sports
  • To promote them with the higher stage in sports

Techno-Art Board:

  • To let students work with different semester students
  • To let them learn team work and leadership quality
  • To show cast their technical and art skills

Inter House Competition :

  • To let them compete in their own colleagues to give idea about the real world competition
  • To show cast their inner talent
  • To make ready for bigger competitions

Leadership Camp :

  • To enhance students leadership abilities
  • To raise their confidence to address the people
  • To increase their knowledge about current situations
  • To develop their presentation and personality skills