Occasional Events

Occasional Events


  • To let students familiar about new innovations, technologies and problems
  • To increase their knowledge
  • To increase their thought process
  • Workshops

  • To get best possible practical knowledge
  • To aware them with all the situations and scenario about professional world
  • To acknowledge them about risk factors and management skills in professional life
  • Career Guidance

  • To guide properly about their career and new scopes
  • To give students idea about various possibilities
  • To give students vision about past & future ten years
  • To give students ground reality about present scopes
  • Health Awareness Seminar

  • To aware them about drugs, diet and time management
  • To give students proper advice about their health issues
  • To prevent students from future diseases and to acknowledge them
  • To aware students with the importance of health
  • Motivational Talks

  • To motivate students to enhance their abilities and inner talent
  • To increase the confidence and skills
  • To council students related with their fears and problems
  • To make students positive and Never quit attitude
  • Personality Development

  • To enhance their personality as professionals
  • To let students learn how to project them
  • To make students good person in society